The Hoard That's Not All It Cracked Up to Be

The Story So Far...
From Dragons to Crack Dens

An unlikely group of adventures found themselves as caravan guards, travelling eastward towards the town of Greenest. They were:

As they approached the besieged settlement, it became evident that a large dragon was ransacking the place, accompanied by bandits. They bravely entered the fray, sneaking past many of the intruders while managing to save as many locals as they could, bringing them behind the town keep’s sturdy walls. There they were assigned missions by Governor Nighthill, culminating in a climatic 1v1 fight – Ruby against the half-dragon, Langdedrosa Cyanwrath. Having dispatched of Ruby quite easily, the bandits had had their fill of treasure, and soon retreated back towards their encampment. The mismatched group, unfazed, pursued them at first chance, sowing chaos amongst their ranks and rescuing a monk, Leosin Erlanthar, who quickly requested their assistance in dispatching this particular Cult of the Dragon, who appeared to be cultivating dragon eggs. Upon returning to the camp site, however, most of the enemy insurgents had fled – leaving behind several of their eggs and some protectors, which, with difficulty, the party managed to clear out. After returning to report to Leosin however, they found that he had already left for the great bustling city of Baldur’s Gate, several dates ride from Greenest. Ruby was also quickly whisked away, soon replaced by Lucia, who joined the group – insofar to complete her own objectives.

Following their altercation with a Helmed Horror in the town keep’s armoury, the governor provided the adventurers with money from the now freed monk, whom had journeyed on ahead. In order to meet up with Leosin as arranged, the adventurers traveled Baldur’s Gate, where a Winter Solstice festival was occurring. After some general festival shenanigans involving Syldan being terribly inept, Quas having an surprisingly high tolerance for alcohol and Krunk being unsurprisingly proficient at chopping logs, the adventurers came across the city guard in the middle of an attempt to cleanse the city of a underground drug ring.

The adventurers were shown a map of the city, marked with suspected criminal drug dens. They staked out one of the dens and attempted to interrogate a paper boy whom they saw delivering papers to houses. Krunk firmly slapped the paperboy across the face, and when the paperboy failed to reveal any information, promptly slapped him to unconsciousness. Lucia apologised and gave him gold for his pains.

The adventurers then decided to simply storm one of the suspected drug dens. Syldan managed to find a hidden entrance to the basement. They decided that Krunk and Anastrianna would force their way in through the front after 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Lucia, Syldan and Balthazar sneaked through the basement up to the ground floor. As they peered through the door, they noticed lowlives, apparently drugged up. These overstimulated bandits were then treated to their door being smashed down by an angry half orc with a young elf cleric in tow. After a brief battle, they successfully killed the bandits.

As they investigated the room, Krunk smoked the hookah in the room and found himself also stimulated. They then ventured upstairs and slew the bandit chief’s guards, and took him prisoner. The guard captain was impressed that the adventurers had the foresight to not kill the chief, and allowed them to rest in the barracks.

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