The Berry God



The Berry God, previously known as ‘The Three -Eyed Squirrel’ or ‘The Three Tailed Old One’ is a Chaotic Neutral deity that falls into the general category of ‘forgotten gods’, and is of the Nature and Trickery domain. In the past, he was the god of irrelevant decisions, ‘carrot and stick’ questioning, coercive diplomacy, and most recently, god of berries and other foods found in the wilderness.

Currently, The Berry God is worshipped by those who wander the wilds, although he is also worshipped by assassins, torturers, town officers and corrupt politicians under his old names. Methods of worship include rituals with berries, torturing one’s enemies and then burying them, or force feeding berries and roots to torture subjects.

Appearing as a three eyed, three tailed, 4 armed squirrel with 2 sets of ears, three giant floating blueberries near his tails and a halo of blackberries above his head, the Berry God is roughly human height. His fur is a light brown colour, and his three eyes resemble gleaming black berries. Red berry juices trickle endlessly from his mouth, disappearing before touching the ground.


Several centuries ago, the Berry God was forgotten by the world. Replaced by more powerful gods, he had become almost obsolete. The few who worshipped him had, unfortunately, forgotten the rituals necessary to keep him awake, and therefore, the Berry God slumbered in his own realm, lost to mankind.

Recently, a trio including a Dragonborn and two Wood Elves unknowingly awoken the Berry God, when they completed the most sacred of his rituals, involving force feeding berries and interrogating and torturing a captive. Although they spoke the name of Berry God in jest, they had in reality bestowed a new name onto an old deity and brought him back into the realm of mortals. With his return, undoubtedly his old worshippers will begin their worship anew, and new acolytes will rise to serve him…

The Berry God

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